Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lose Weight in a Month

Lose Weight in a Month

Lose Weight in a Month

The story is about the weight or fat is probably a heavily problem for woman. Today we have the formula of lose weight in a month for woman who want to get rid of the excess fat from her own body. With the formula of lose weight in a month, we believe that you can certainly lose weight. Just you seriously follow this approach. Are you ready to lose yourweight with formula of lose weight in a month? Here we go!

Cancel Starvation for Lose Weight
It sounds strange but it is the truth. Many people think that if want to lose weight in a month, they have to stop eating. But do you believe, if you don't eat anything in the morning or just one slice of bread and a cup of coffee or don't eat anything for dinner that will bring you to lose weight in first time but will bring you to be fat again in last time. The secret of weight control is that eat three meals a day. Focus on eating a full breakfast and complete the five basic food groups before 9:00 am. Have lunch on time and the most important is that eat a dinner before 6:00 pm. People who eat a meal late at night will easily get the belly fat.

Think a Little Bit before Eating
Tell yourself that the problem of body shape nowadays because we spoil our self. So if you really intend to lose weight, you have to think and choose before eating. Avoid fried food, oily food, snack and any drinks that containing sugar, such as soft drink, juice that containing more sugar, coffee, chocolate and alcohol. If you drink only one glass of those drinks, you will get the energy as eating a big meal. However, it doesn't mean that have to stop anything that you love. You can eat your favorite food once a week in the morning of weekend. You will definitely lose weight in a month if you are able to avoid those foods and drinks.

Bed Earlier for Slim Faster
The other secret is early to bed, no later than 10:00 pm. Try to sleep at least six hours per day that help the body secrete hormones to burn more energy. Anyway, if you sleep late at night even though it is a long sleep and wake up late, the body will secrete hormones that make you hungry more often and accumulate more fat.

Although there are a lot of tips and helper to make you lose weight in a month but it depends on your intention. You may add a little bit activity such as continuous walk for 30 minutes that will help lose weight faster. Try to follow these tips seriously and monitor progress every week. Then prepare to meet the new shape and new life that haven't an uncomfortable belly fat anymore.

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